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Established company launches dedicated division for specialty Orthopedic products

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BraceAbility.com says that they have orthopedic support products like Ossur knee braces with them and hence, those who need these products can get in touch with them. They also say that they make these products available at discounted prices. They point out the commitment of Ossur towards improving the mobility and quality of life of users. That is the secret of the impressive growth of Ossur, they maintain. They add that Ossur is now partnering with Nike and their products are being used even by one of the star performers of the Summer Olympics of 2012.

They point out that in the Olympiad conducted during summer in London, sprinter Oscar Pistorius of South Africa, who is a double amputee, competed with a carbon fiber prosthesis “Flex-Foot Cheetah” that was designed by Ossur. They emphatically say that there cannot be better illustrations to prove the commitment and motto of Ossur. BraceAbility proudly announces that the braces developed by this trusted, illustrious and awarded division are now available with them at discounted prices.

They trace the journey of Ossur from its start in Iceland in 1971 and talk highly as to how the company has developed and grown into a world leader in orthopedic supplies. They emphatically say that it is because of their commitment that Ossur could develop innovative and non-invasive braces, supports and also prosthetics that can greatly improve the mobility and quality of life of users.

Commitment and Drive of Ossur in developing innovative Braces

They continue to add that the sales of Ossur in 2011 was $401 million, a 11.6% increase from the previous year. They continue to state that Ossur has launched 25 new products during 2011 that include their first set of products in collaboration with Nike. These figures clearly reveal Ossur’s drive to come out with state-of-the-art braces and other support products that are available at affordable prices to those who need them, they point out.

BraceAbility.com points out that Ossur could come out with such products at such good prices only because they continuously grow their expertise in materials such as silicone, carbon composites, mechatronics and textiles with which they make their products. They also point out that Ossur has more than 100 professionals all over the world who are involved in Research and Development for developing cutting-edge, orthopedic support products.

It is also pointed out that because of these efforts,Ossur is ranked as the seventh most innovative healthcare company in the world on the Fast Company Magazine’s list.

Importance of R&D in Ossur

BraceAbility.com draws attention to the fact that Ossur lightens the load on its products so that knees need not bear their heavy weight. But, depending upon the condition, the company varies the methods, says BraceAbility.com. Therefore, they advise people to seek medical advice before they make their purchasing decisions of braces.

BraceAbility.com draws attention to the “Ossur Academy” section on the Ossur.com website that educates people about the functions of braces and also the suitability of various types of braces to different people whose conditions and lifestyle may be different. Some of the braces they make can help people to take part in all kinds of activities including sports activities, adds BraceAbility.com. There are also braces wearing which people can partake in water sports also, points out BraceAbility.com division . Even for those who want to play football, soccer, basketball and various other sports, suitable braces are available, adds BraceAbility.com.

For treating people who suffer from unicompartmental osteoarthritis, there is a knee brace available called OssurUnloader One Knee Brace, says BraceAbility.com. These braces can ease the pain and improve the mobility of these people and they can easily be put on, adds BraceAbility.com.

Braces at affordable Costs

If people purchase braces from them, they can save from $200 to $800 and these braces will be delivered at their door steps free of cost, proudly announces BraceAbility.com.

About BraceAbility

BraceAbility.com sells all types of braces that are manufactured by Ossur, the leader in orthopedic support products. If people buy braces from BraceAbility.com, they can make substantial savings.

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