Solar Lights And More Announces New Products

Solar Lights And More has become sponsors of energy efficient lifestyles for people, so to speak, with its wide range of solar energy products.

Today as people understand the importance of conserving natural resources of energy so that they can do their best for the planet, the focus has shifted to solar energy. It’s available in abundance and it’s certainly free, which is why it offers people a smart, effective and convenient alternative for their energy needs at home or work spaces for that matter.

Solar Lights and More is a solar contractor, which is state certified and that says a lot about its credentials. It brings quality solar products for users so that they can bring about a change in their lifestyles and do their part for the environment as well. From solar lights to electric panels and attics fans, the company has many products that home owners need to use on a regular basis.

The products offered by the company are also high tech, and come with warranties, which make them worth the investment for users. Moreover there’s an offer where home owners get up to 30% tax credits; Federal and Florida State Tax Credits are available for a short span of time and they can lead to huge savings as well. Users can also save themselves huge amounts on monthly electricity and gas bills if they have solar energy systems involved.

There are many who have begun to look at these systems as sponsors of their holidays or things they have always wanted to buy, because they can put the money saved due to these systems towards other such expenses. And savings can be a lot higher when people have products like Solar pool heaters and hot water heaters installed from the company.

Solar Lights And More can offer its services and products to buyers not only in Ocala Florida but in Lake County, Citrus County, Alachua County Florida, Marion County etc. The company also offers a free solar energy consultation for the benefit of its users so that they can make an informed decision.

The company has been a leading name when it comes to offering solar energy products and services to users in North Central Florida since 1996. Over the years it has won several awards and is affiliated to different known groups, which have only boosted its credentials.

Solar Lights and More is based out of 5640 SW 6th Place, Suite 400, Ocala, Fl 34474. To find out more about the products offered by the company one can visit the website or call on 800-347-9664.

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