Alaska Boat Tours – A Real Alaskan Experience

Juneau, Alaska (January 31, 2013) – Alaska boat tours and charters are fast becoming the travel choice of a growing number of travel explorers. Seeing southeast Alaska by small charter vessel is an experience that can’t be duplicated in any other way. The charms of Southeast, as we like to call our corner of Alaska, are many and varied. The dominant feature is water, both fresh and salt.

Southeast is made up of an archipelago of hundreds of large to small islands, surrounded by the waters of the north Pacific. The natural flora is green – that is – towering coniferous rainforest that cover all the low lying land to an elevation of about 1,500 feet, where the alpine region begins. Snow covered peaks dominate the horizon in most directions. Animal life abounds, with a range of both sea and land mammals. Seabirds are also a constant presence.

Villages and towns are scattered throughout the region, the largest being Juneau, with approximately 35,000 residents. Many small communities exist over a wide area and are connected primarily by water. Road systems are very limited, so the predominant means of travel is by water and air. An up close and personal view of Southeast is only possible by water and what better way to see it than with your own Alaska charter.

Choices range from the mega-yacht to small motor vessels that cater to just one or two couples. The ability to chart your own course, so to speak, with a small vessel opens up a variety of possible experiences for the traveler. Activities can include fishing, kayaking, whale watching, photo safaris, beach combing and hiking. It’s also a great opportunity to bring a Russian novel. We here at Admiralty Charters, in Juneau, take great pleasure in sharing those out of the way places that so few people ever get a chance to explore. Whether sitting in the comfort of the pilothouse or being down close to the water in your own kayak, there is no better way to get an appreciation of the grandeur of this vast marine wilderness. Guests arrive from all over the world to spend time in this unique environment, frequently returning for repeated visits after being charmed by the special lure of the area.

Jet service to all the major communities makes for easy access. Admiralty Charters usually originates trips from Juneau, but one-way trips with a variety of itineraries are easily arranged. All in all, a seaborne adventure in southeast Alaska ranks high with those who seek a unique and memorable venture into what is America’s only marine wilderness. Come and enjoy our Alaska charters. Embedded data.

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