Visual Chat Notification Option Added in Banckle Chat

We are very excited to announce that the Banckle Chat Notifier for Visual Notifications is now available to the Banckle Chat customers. All subscribed Banckle Chat customers can download the desktop Chat Notifier for visual notifications. Now, even if your Banckle Chat web version is minimized or closed and system sounds are set to mute, still you will not miss any incoming chat request or incoming visitor’s message alert. It will deliver all notifications right on your desktop.

This is a great addition in our Banckle Chat application features and we are hopeful that all Banckle Chat users will love this new notification option. Specially, live chat users who do not want to keep the browser open or they do not want to hear any sound notifications.

Follow the below mentioned steps to install your own Banckle Chat desktop notifier.

Sign in to Banckle Chat.
Note: If you do not have a Banckle account, click here to sign up for a Banckle account.
From the Banckle Chat home screen, click Settings.
Click Marketplace.
To install this notification utility, click Chat Notifier.

Choose chat notifier from the available marketplace plugins

Once it is installed, sign in with your Banckle account credentials.

Enter account information to login

Click Options to check different notification types.

Notification options in Banckle Chat Notifier

Click Open Console to launch Banckle Chat web console to perform live chat.
Once you are logged into the Banckle Chat Notifier, it alerts you when you have visitors’ incoming chat requests, their messages or a transfer request from a fellow operator. The chat notifier icon in your system tray shows all these notifications in the form of bubbles.

Chat Notifier displaying incoming chat request

Happy The chat notifier is available to all our existing Banckle Chat subscribed customers. If you have not subscribed yet, then you are just a step away, because this chat notification application is included in all Banckle Chat plans without any extra charge.

We hope you will like this feature. Please feel free to share your valuable feedback by leaving comments on our feedback forum. We look forward to further improve your live chat experience.

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