Harlan Agency Offers Free Quotes for Auto Insurance in Alexandria, LA

Alexandria, Louisiana (February 22, 2013) – Harlan Insurance Agency, LLC is offering free quotes for auto insurance in Alexandria, LA. The local company is glad to give car owners a chance to find out their money’s worth on their insurance along with advice from their skilled and accommodating team.

Already freely offering quotes on home and business coverage plans, the company has decided to also give estimates for auto insurance. Harlan makes sure that clients can easily understand the terms of a policy to avoid any pitfalls they might encounter due to overlooking the fine print.

For over two decades, the company has taken pride in providing clients with affordable and quality coverage. Giving advice, comparing rates, and securing policy renewals, Harlan guides clients every step of the way and makes sure that they give them the best service possible.

The agency was founded by Mark and Wanda Harlan and specializes in offering their clients quality insurance for their homes, businesses, and automobiles. Since 1985, the company has continuously serviced Louisiana residents and delivered reliable coverage. Working together with the husband and wife team is a knowledgeable and friendly staff that is ready to assist clients and answer all of their questions about their policies and contracts.

The company makes sure that their clients get the coverage plan that fits their needs at the most affordable price possible.

To get a free quote, interested parties can fill out and send a request form on the company website. They can also call (318) 445-1891. For more information on the company and their services, visit www.HarlanInsurance.com.

About Harlan Insurance Agency, LLC

Founded by Mark and Wanda Harlan in 1985, the company provides clients with options for the perfect insurance plan that fits their need without requiring them to spend beyond their budget. This reliable provider of home, business, and auto insurance in Alexandria, LA is based at 5205 Jackson St. Ext.

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