Are you ready for Survival? New disaster preparedness kits are now available

Given as little as twenty-four hours of warning, most disasters can be prepared for by a wide variety of people. Unfortunately, the planet isn’t always nice enough to broadcast when it plans to hammer an area. One of the best ways to deal with the unexpected is to prepare beforehand by collecting the things most likely to be useful when an emergency happens. is proud to offer a selection of new survival kits designed to deal with a wide variety of potential disasters. Among the highlights, Earthquake Survival Kits such as the deluxe variants offer a way to carry many materials safely if a quake happens. Of course, it’s hard to do anything when the quake is actually happening, but aftershocks pose a very real danger of trapping people if they couldn’t escape to safety after the initial strike. The kits currently offered include a variety of basic materials, including food and water for up to 72 hours, light and communication devices, an emergency survival sleeping bag, various useful tools, a first aid kit, and even a deck of playing cards in case survivors get bored. Most survival kits rated for earthquakes come in several varieties, and those with dependents should carefully review their needs when making their choices.

Sometimes, however, the lasting effects of a disaster are more important than the immediate ones. That’s why offers a selection of Hurricane Survival Kits for both individuals and emergency locations. Kits such as the Guardian Elite Survival include a greater amount of outdoor survival material (tube tents, ponchos, etc.) to deal with conditions when returning to shelter such as houses can be difficult. The Guardian Deluxe Food Storage kit is an outstanding second kit if survivors expect to be with family or friends (and this is much easier than for earthquakes, as hurricanes can be seen coming), focused on feeding people for an extended period of time.

While blackouts aren’t as dramatic as other types of disasters, they can be just as dangerous to those who are not prepared for them. Blackout survival kits focus on the simple tasks of warmth and light, which are particularly important in polar regions where nighttime without power can be dangerous. Blackout kits include basic tools such as flashlights, 30 hour emergency candles, hand and body warmers, and a pair of sleeping bags to help ward off the chill. All of these are contained in a lightweight, easily storable backpack that can be pulled out of the closet or used on the go.

Whether large or small, disasters can be lethal. However, people can prepare as much as possible with the use of disaster survival kits that are designed to last long enough to get them to safety. has based the contents of its survival kits on advice from disaster preparedness specialists and government agencies to ensure that each kit will be as useful as possible. Most consumables are rated for a five-year shelf life and can easily be stored for long periods of time without the need for significant upkeep.

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