Vanilla Grove, A Vision For The Future

Vanilla Grove, Synthite Realty’s landmark property, is nearing its one year anniversary. This was the second property developed by Synthite Realty, and with it, they showed they were serious about entering into the luxury real estate market.

Synthite Realty made its first entrance into real estate in 1992 with Riviera Retreat on the Thevara waterfront in Kochi. They distinguished themselves by offering fully air conditioned apartments which were the first of their kind in the state. Riviera Retreat continues to be one of the finest properties in Kochi and, with it, Synthite Realty has shown everyone that it is in the market to stay.

This was underscored when they unveiled Vanilla Grove. Vanilla Grove is widely recognized as one of the top properties in Kerala. With the release of this project, Synthite Realty made clear that they were going to focus on the semi-urban environment, and they’ve done a wonderful job with it.

Vanilla Grove is set within an exquisite vanilla plantation in a quiet corner of Kolencherry. Kolencherry is 27 kilometers east of Kochi, right of the National Highway. It was a small hamlet, with a church and a spattering of schools five decades ago. But it has grown rapidly through real estate development thanks to companies like Synthite that have heavily invested in the area.

Vanilla Grove offers 30 tastefully designed villas set amidst verdant environs. The villas are either 3 or 4 bedroom which is just enough space to be luxurious while still falling in line with Synthite Realty’s desire to build properties fit for families. Each villa offers a variety of lifestyle amenities. The most important of these is a children’s play area that makes the villa ideal for families with young children. The property around the villa is also carefully traced with walkway that lead through gardens and from door to door. The entire property has been landscaped to bring out the natural beauty of the area, and Synthite has also added in green adaptations like the ability to harvest rainwater, and a comprehensive waste management system. The property also features a guest parking lot and 24 hour security to ensure the happiness and safety of the residents.

Located just 27 kilometers from downtown Kochi, Vanilla Grove is close to all the amenities that this thriving business town offers. Kochi is a mere 35 minutes away, making Vanilla Grove an ideal sleeper community that allows its residents to commute into the city for business yet enjoy the quiet of a hamlet when they go home. Vanilla Grove offers easy access to state highways, premiere educational institutions, well ranked hospitals and ancient places of worship, making it a holistic community.

Synthite Realty’s core values are a commitment to quality and they are focused on the well being of their clientele. Synthite homes reflect their taste and hopes for luxury homes in Kerala. Attention is given to ambiance and full functionality. Their unique building philosophy has led them to successes like Vanilla Grove, and with this property about to celebrate its one year anniversary, it doesn’t look like Synthite Realty is stopping any time soon. Embedded data.

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