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Convert medium format 120/220 positives and negatives into fabulous films, a real treasure of memories to be relived whenever desired. Scanning Indexing Offering you faultless quality medium format film scanning services!

Scanning Indexing is an offshore scanning services firm, focussed on building global business relationships through its skills in digital conversion. We offer our clients the assurance of excellent quality film scanning solutions at affordable rates and within speedier turnaround.

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Following are key features of our medium format film scanning services:

• First and Foremost, Total Quality Assurance

• Second, Speedier Delivery

• Third, Flexible and Customised Solutions

• Fourth but not at all the last, Security and Confidentiality

Our team has 17+ years of experience in achieving project successes. Our quality control systems and procedures are designed to ensure more than 99% accuracy.

Our clientele mostly comprises firms into digital conversion. We are their offshore partners, allowing them to take on more market space, and adding value to their medium format film scanning services. We have production centres at multiple BPO destinations and our client’s base is spread across America, Europe, Australia and also Asia.

We also serve film scanning services to small firms and individuals. Once they outsource to us, the vast majority of them come back to us, assured of our commitment to serve them satisfactorily. For us, every business relationship is valuable.

Scanning Indexing has achieved news heights in film scanning services every year. With superb technology assets, it is easy for us to promise you lesser turnarounds. For quite some period, now, we manage hundreds of projects every year. Bulk volume or ongoing, we have the abilities to manage all.

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