New Tele-‘Gram’ Service Provides Virtual Reminders and Companionship For Seniors

Los Angeles, CA – Remind Grams, a new virtual companion service, is currently looking for financial backers to support a great service to help the elderly population in the United States. The service will help make sure loved ones are safe at home, especially for seniors who live without a caregiver.

“One in eight Americans are older than 64 years old and nearly half of them live alone,” said Ryan Fleming, co-founder of Remind Grams. “We cannot always remind our parents or grandparents about their upcoming doctor’s appointment or remind them to take their medications – and that’s why we want to start Remind Grams.”

Remind Grams is like a dedicated virtual assistant and a friendly reminder service, born out of the desire to give loved ones the best care possible, even if someone cannot physically be available at times. From the company’s call studio, Remind Grams will provide a senior reminder service that:

• calls and checks on a loved one’s daily well-being,
• monitors and records medication times, as well as the proper dosage,
• focuses on daily eating habits, making sure that a loved one has enough food in the house,
• reminds seniors about medical appointments, their daily schedules and transportation needs, and
• helps with miscellaneous requests or additional virtual assistance.

“Remind Grams is a day-to-day senior reminder service without time restrictions and you tell us how many calls we should make each day,” said Teresa Boenzi, co-founder of Remind Grams. “Updates and alerts can be sent via text messages or email, and weekly reports can be sent to specific family members as well.”

The upstart company is seeking funding to assist with developing the system infrastructure, relaunching of the new website, basic marketing, initial staffing and training. The senior reminder service will be based out of Manila in the Philippines, which reduces overhead costs and gives the opportunity to provide a service that will accommodate the needs for lower-income families. More information about the Remind Grams campaign is on RocketHub at

Remind Grams is seeking small donations, starting at just $5. Other financial donations include subscriptions and your name on the company’s founding friends/sponsors page. The company estimates that customers would pay less than $1.25 per day for this senior reminder service, or roughly $40 a month.

“We believe this is a wonderful opportunity to help improve the lives of many American families, and we would love if you would join us in this cause,” stated Fleming. “Our loved ones have been there for us during less hectic times in the past.. Remind Grams allows us to virtually be there everyday.”

About the Founders of Remind Grams:

Ryan Fleming currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, but worked in broadcasting and radio advertising in Los Angeles. Remind Grams was developed out of personal desire to create a reliable senior reminder service while living abroad.

Teresa Boenzi is currently a medical consultant with a Masters of Science in Kinesiology. She spent 10 years working with an older adult patient population, and knows how age-related changes can psychologically affect an entire family.

About RocketHub:

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