Launches New Online Sportsbook and Gambling Portal for Indonesia-Receives Recognition

INDONESIA – FastBet99 has recently revamped their online presence to include popular online gambling games that are attracting Indonesian and Asian customers by the droves. The new launch has propelled the popularity of the site and has enabled FastBet99 to begin offering even larger payouts and bonuses for players.

FastBet99 has been an established fixture in the Indonesian online gambling scene for many years. Since it’s inception, it has established itself as one of the top Indonesian sportsbooks and has been recognized by Sports Betting Indonesia for their “Best Indonesian Online Sportsbook” award.

There are many online gaming review sites that evaluate online sportsbooks and casinos, but none have typically covered the Asian, and more specifically, Indonesian market. Sports Betting Indonesia was established earlier this year to give recognition to reputable sportsbooks that deliver exceptional service and offer a wide range of games and betting from agen bola , judi bola, agen SBOBET, agen IBCBET to taruhan bola . FastBet99 was able to reach the top spot in the Indonesian gambling category across all scores.

Sports Betting Indonesia based their choice on a number of factors. A survey was conducted that asked players in Asian countries to poll the top Indonesian sportsbooks and online casinos on payouts, fairness, reputation, value, and customer service. Voters were also allowed to provide additional feedback and opinions on their favorite sites. Customer privacy also played an important role in the decision because of the various laws that govern international and online gambling. Overall, FastBet99 ranked well above the competition.

How FastBet99 Received The Distinguished “Best Indonesian Online Sportsbook” Award

Competition in the Indonesian online gambling and sports betting industry is extremely competitive. In order to rise above the competition FastBet99 chose to focus on providing exemplary service, fast payouts, and an enjoyable gaming atmosphere. They also chose to utilize the latest gaming software, as well as, offering 24/7 support via phone, SMS, email, and chat. Respondents from the survey weighed these factors as the most important factor in choosing an online betting site. Another ranking factor is FastBet99’s wide range of sports, casino, and other popular online betting games, ranging from agen bola to judi bola.

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