SmallPaws Pet Boarding Relieves you of Stress

Smalls Paws prides itself as being the only pet hotel which is exclusively dedicated to cats and dogs in the Sydney area. It is a well-secured pet hotel which provides best individual care and attention to the pets of those people who are travelling and leave their pets with them. Built in a five acre area and just a few minutes away from Harbour Bridge, SmallPaws brings together the city convenience with rural ambience which is ideal for cats and dogs. At SmallPaws, pets feel like they are in the home of their owner.

A lot of people who have pets find it difficult to travel because they have no place where they can leave their pet. They are uneasy to leave the pet all alone behind them and thus often cancel or alter their travelling plans. SmallPaws comes to the rescue of such people. It is a well-established small pet hotel which provides extensive care to the pets and treats them as “children” of their owners. It is markedly different from those run of the mill kennels and catteries and works as more of a home away from home setup for the pets.

At SmallPaws, it is realised that if a pet is lodged there, then its routine should not suffer. Every pet has a set routine in the home of its owner and any disruption in that can have a negative impact on it. For example, it is duly acknowledged at SmallPaws that exercise is an important part of a pet’s routine. At SmallPaws, a number of exercise, both indoor and outdoor, are available for the pets. Pets are not let out to the outdoors on rainy/cold days and heating is provided inside.

Whether it’s for one or two days or for several months, SmallPaws takes adequate care of the pets on all fronts: health, lodging, affection, bonding, cleaning and bathing, etc. The staff at the hotel extends same care and affection to the pets lodged there what it would give to their own pets. A connection with the pet is established.

SmallPaws has a dedicated enclosure called ‘The Lodge’. It is a traditionally laid-out accommodation which has several individual enclosures within a large room. Two small dogs from the same family can easily be lodged in one enclosure. The room which contains enclosures is heated and air-conditioned.Dogs are made to play and exercise for a considerable part of the day unless the weather is extreme.

SmallPaws was setup 40 years ago by the name of Duffys Forest Small Pet Boarding. Its ownership is with the same group for the last 17 years. The staff employed in the hotel is well-versed in pet care and work with utmost dedication and sincerity. Most of the business is drawn from referrals from veterinary surgeons and from existing clients. SmallsPaws is also a proud member of the PIAA (the Pet Industry Association of Australia).

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