Interest in Mineral Makeup Grows

The range of mineral makeup products available is growing as consumer interest in these products increases. (Press Release) - Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

England 08/3/2013 - The range of mineral makeup products available is growing as consumer interest in these products increases

Mineral makeup is a relatively new group of products. Minerals had always been a component in some makeup products, but never the main or sole ingredient. It was not until 1976 that minerals began to be used as the main or only ingredient in a makeup product.

The first products were foundations made from a range of finely crushed minerals. When applied to the face these powders quickly mingle with the skin’s natural oils providing a light coverage that is not possible with traditional liquid foundation products. At the time, there was not that much interest in these new foundations. In the late 70′s heavy blusher, bright lipstick and heavy bold eye makeup was very much in vogue. Mineral foundations produced a very, light and natural look that did not fit well with the makeup trends of the time.

Today, the natural look mineral foundations offer is very popular. In addition, the mineral cosmetics industry has worked hard to educate consumers about the benefits of using their products. Importantly, they have developed the range of products that are available, making it possible for women to fill their makeup bags with mineral cosmetics, not just mineral foundations.

The health benefits of mineral makeup
However, the main reason sales of mineral cosmetics has taken off recently is the purity of the products. They are only made from natural ingredients. None of the ingredients clogs the skin, it can breathe, which helps to keep the balance of oils at the correct level. There is even some evidence that these products actively nourish the skin rather than damage it.

Because there are no dyes, glycerine, parabens or other irritants in these products they are ideal for those with sensitive skin. The best products contain natural sun protection, which is very important for health as well as slowing down the aging process.

Today women can buy mineral blushers, eye shadows, concealers and bronzers as well as foundations. Specialist firms like Mineralissima complement their product lines with natural mascaras, eyeliners and lip-gloss. They understand that the purity of mineral makeup is what draws most modern women to these products. Therefore, offering other complementary natural products to consumers is logical; it gives their customers more of what they want. Customers who buy from them know that they are buying products that are 100% safe and healthy.

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