Bighorn Studios Offers Professional Video Production in Reno, NV

Reno, Nevada (February 8, 2013) – Bighorn Studios is offering their comprehensive services in professional video production in Reno, NV. The company assists their clients in all stages of a project from storyboard conceptualization to the actual presentation.

The business is highly experienced in the industry and houses experts in the latest filmmaking technology. They shoot high-resolution images and videos of the best quality. They are one of the very few production teams in the area that utilize dollies, cranes, jibs, and a helicopter to highlight the most aesthetically pleasing angles and create one-of-a-kind sequences.

Bighorn Studios maintains high standards in all of their projects. They produce superior marketing and sales videos such as television commercials and infomercials, complete with voiceovers and teleprompter services. Additionally, they create informative training videos to effectively educate employees and different audiences.

In doing corporate video production for Reno companies, they fully represent a client and present all facets of an organization in a limited amount of time. They can also entice an audience to take action by creating impressive event videos and news releases. Demonstrating artistic capability, the team also produces music videos that combine footage taken outdoors and in a green screen studio.

The industry professionals at Bighorn provide essential creative input when the client needs it. They work with and for companies in adhering to client specifications and guiding them throughout the process as well. In addition to fostering open communication with a client, the company offers their services at a reasonable price.

Bighorn Studios has produced various projects for the gaming, tourism, health, education, entertainment, and manufacturing industries, among others. To inquire about their services, contact 775-225-7777or e-mail

For more information, visit and view samples of their work.

About Bighorn Studios

Dean Richard started the company in 2006 after working for approximately 20 years in the marketing and advertising industry. As head producer and director, he leads a team of competent editors and videographers. The studio is located at 719 Plumas Street in Reno. Embedded data.

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