Wet shaving meets ultra hi-tech power shaving in Wilkinson Sword’s new Hydro 5 Power Select at Blademail

Just about every area of our lives now bristles with technology to overwhelmingly positive effect. And now, thanks to the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Power Select razor, so does our everyday need to shave.

Cleverly combining the traditional method of wet shaving with the speed and convenience of power shaving, the Hydro 5 Power Select comes in a sleek, ultra modern design that wouldn’t look out of place in a store selling the latest PCs, laptops and tablet computers.

“The need to shave literally stares you in the face with what can be tedious regularity, “says Peter Rainsford, Managing Director of web-based everything-you-need-for-better-more-economical-shave store Blademail. “We pride ourselves on bringing men and women the very latest developments in shaving at always reasonable prices, so we couldn’t wait to start offering our customers the Hydro 5 Power Select.”

“One of the biggest issues in shaving is skin irritation,” says Peter, “and the Hydro 5 Power Select sorts this problem out very elegantly indeed with a choice of three power settings. This means you can use more power for those areas less susceptible to irritation and less for those which can pose problems.”

“But this remarkable razor goes even further,” Peter continues, “with its Hydro technology, which, as the name suggests, adds all the advantages of a wet shave to what is essentially an electric one.”

The Hydro 5 Power Select boasts a hydrating gel reservoir, which holds a specially formulated, water activated gel that hydrates the skin as the user shaves. Furthermore, this laboratory developed gel lasts up to twice as long as other, less sophisticated lubricating strips that are available on the market.

“Then there’s the fact that it also comes with five Ulltra Glide blades, all of which have skin guards fitted to them,” says Peter. “These act to smooth the surface of the skin as the razor progresses over it, preventing the potential problem of skin getting caught between the blades. This even further reduces the chance of irritation.”

Within the Hydro 5 Power Select is a battery powered vibrator, its three settings controlled by a unique microprocessor. The user simply selects the setting that suits his or her skin sensitivity the best. The vibrator then creates a gentle, effortlessly controllable motion that enables the razor to glide with the utmost smoothness over the skin, rather than dragging painfully. Working together in clever combination, all of these features make shaving rash a thing of the past.

“This really is intelligent shaving for the digital age,” says Peter, “giving the customer a remarkable degree of control over every aspect of the shaving experience.”

“I particularly like the Flip Trimmer,” Name Peter enthuses. “This is so called because, to access it, you simply flip back the hydrating gel reservoir. Once open, you can use the top of the blade to neatly edge and trim those hard to reach areas, like under the nose, and areas where you want a really neat edge, like under the nose the sideburns. They’ve thought of everything.”

“There’s even a battery life indicator in the form of a digital LED screen with a digital display that tells you how much power you’ve got left. If it’s green, that means there’s plenty in reserve, but when it goes red, it’s time to change to an inexpensive new AAA battery. I believe this is among the most technologically advanced razors yet developed.”

And what of the future? “Who knows, “Peter jokes,, maybe an electronic Shave Slave robot will gently but efficiently remove that excess hair from your body as you relax and check your email. One thing you can depend on, when they do take shaving to that stage, it’ll be available at Blademail.”

The new Hydro 5 Power Select from Wilkinson Sword awaits you and your most sensitive shaving needs now at http://www.blademail.co.uk/acatalog/Hydro-5-Power-Select-Razor.html

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