iRealty Flat Fee Brokerage offers various tools to help Buyers and Sellers

Buying or Selling a home is a complicated business, and one that many clients looking for help with Flat Fee Brokerage often do not know much about. In order to help these customers with all of their realty needs, iRealty Flat Fee Brokerage now offers a variety of tools and multiple sources of information that they can study and take advantage of.

One of the most important tools for anyone looking to sell their home is a comparative market analysis of the actual worth of the building. This allows the homeowner to price the building in a competitive manner; asking for too high a price may result in the home never selling at all, while asking for too low can result in the seller getting far less money for the sale than they would otherwise be able to receive.

Potential buyers and sellers can also take advantage of various calculators that can help determine things such as mortgage payments, refinancing, and how much each homeowner can afford to pay for the home or safely borrow. In some circumstances, customers may have additional situations that the calculators cannot reference, so these should not be considered absolutes. However, they can provide general guidance at some points in time.

Buyers and sellers alike also have access to a straightforward list of tips. For buyers, this includes information on what the advantages of owning a home are, how to determine which sort of home is appropriate, determining what sort of home can actually be afforded, and some basic information about credit and lending as it relates to owning a home. In the meantime, sellers can take advantage of understanding whether to sell themselves or through an agent, determining an appropriate price for the home, showing off the home to potential buyers and through online tours, as well as passing any home inspection that may be required or recommended. Combined, this information can give buyers and sellers (particularly those who haven’t done either one before) a basic grounding in real estate information and techniques.

To aid with a greater understanding of the various terms and conditions that may crop up, the website now includes a glossary of terms and their definitions as used in real estate. Organized in a simple alphabetical manner, this glossary can provide invaluable information to any buyer or seller who wants to help ensure they completely understand all contracts and ideas related to what they’re doing.

As professional Illinois Real Estate Brokers, iRealty Flat Fee Brokerage is also committed to helping buyers and sellers understand the regions around each home, such as the locations of schools and other factors that might be important to a family. Price is rarely the only factor in real estate transactions.

Finally, iRealty now offers a moving checklist, starting six weeks before a family moves in or out. This comprehensive listing of information can help families ensure that absolutely everything goes as smoothly and safely as possible while they’re switching homes as well as teach families how to avoid some moving scams and keep track of all goods being transported. Embedded data.

IRealty Flat Fee Brokerage offers a variety of services and guides for home buyers and sellers in the Illinois area.

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