Blademail offers the closest shave with new Gillette blades for Men and Women

Since 1903, Gillette has been the world standard for inexpensive but effective blades. Now, Blademail offers the opportunity for these to be delivered right to the letterboxes of customers with new blades for both men and women.

Deciding on a razor is an important decision, as small differences in the razor itself can provide a very different shaving experience. Blademail offers men a variety of replacement blades for different razors, including the Fusion ProGlide, the Fusion, the M3 Power, the Mach 3 Turbo, the standard Mach 3, the Sensor Excel, the standard Sensor, the Contour Pus, and the G2 Plus. These blades offer many techniques in their construction, such as independently suspended blades and blades created using newer manufacturing techniques for thinner, closer shaves each morning. Each of these Gillette Razor Blades for Men is a worthwhile choice in its own right, and customers switching to newer blades will be able to tell how the Gillette brand has evolved over time in order to continue offering the finest disposable blades.

While anyone can theoretically use any razor, Blademail is proud to offer a selection of alternate blades that may be more comfortable for women to use. The Venus and Venus Breeze blade sets include features such as body butter and more comfortable grips to maximize the smoothness of the shave and provide the closest, most comfortable shave possible each time the razor is used. Gillette Razor Blades for Women are focused on keeping up with the things that are often the most important; avoid nicks and scrapes in uncomfortable areas and soften skin at the same time.

Customers are reminded that not all razor blades will work with all handles, and that attempting to force blades onto handles they are meant to work with may be unsafe. Use of only compatible Gillette products minimizes the risk of shaving as long as good shaving practices are followed.

Now, all of these razor blades can be sent directly to letterboxes all throughout the world. Next-day delivery is offered for customers living inside the UK for maximum convenience, while customers in the rest of Europe will usually receive their razors within 3-4 shipping days. Serviced locations in the rest of the world will usually receive their blades within six days at the most. These fast shipping times mean that all customers need to do is order their next shipment of razors when they’re down to their last replacement blade and, barring unexpected delays in transport, the new selection of razor blades will be delivered to the home’s letterbox before the replacements are needed.

To help ensure timely delivery, Blademail has placed a maximum of four packs per order for most razor blades. This ensures that the entire order will fit in an envelope. Customers who need more than just four packs are encouraged to place multiple orders or order their razors by the box, which offers a 5% discount and will be delivered by a special courier. Prices shown on the website include UK-specific taxes that may not be applicable to the rest of the world, so customers in other regions will have a discount applied at checkout.

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