Orange County Pest Control Services Can Inspect Your Rodent Infestations Today

A great new Orange County Pest Control service offers incredible results in this often tough battle of humans vs insects or rodents. Rat Exterminators can often come at expensive prices. In some cases, extermination treatments have to be repeated when initial extermination efforts are ineffective. Additionally, there are some pest control services that will charge you for subsequent visits.

Mice and rats are known to be some of the most damaging rodents in the U.S. They can damage infrastructure and their food consumption is endless. Their urine and droppings can weaken flooring or damage walls. Rats and mice also often chew through wiring and can cost a home owner a lot of money in rebuilding and repairs. Rodents chewing through wires are known to cause fires in commercial and personal buildings at a rate of about 50,000 per year. It is critical to learn how to spot an infestation to be able to catch it before it causes you costly damage.

Discovering Rat Infestations

Once you find droppings indoors, it is likely that the rat infestation has already grown to a significant level. Before they appear, it is critical to run through a few checklist tasks each time you explore your property.

Check the walkways or concrete areas around your home for droppings.

On occasion, deaden as much sound as possible in the home or business during off hours or at night to see if there is any noise coming from the attic, walls or under the flooring.

Check out of the way places such as behind appliances, in drawers and behind them for any nesting material.

Look around on the lowest levels of your home. Are the bottoms of doors chewed? Are you finding shredded pieces of paper trash or other debris?

Take notice if your cat or dog begins to more frequently bring home dead rodents.

If you have no pets but have noticed flea or mite problems, you may need to have a professional like those at Wheelers PC give your home a more in-depth check up.

If you have fruit trees on your property, check the fallen fruits during the late season. Check for tiny teeth marks or excessive droppings in the area.

Look around where your trashcans are stored for burrows and holes. You may have to look closely, rats and mice can enter holes less than half of their body size.

If you uncover any issues with this inspection you may want to find professional rat exterminators, and fast.

Orange County Pest Control Rat Proofing

While it is always best to consult a professional, some measures of rat proofing can help in preventative measures. There are methods in building techniques that should always be considered when trying to rat proof your area.

Make sure all holes, cracks and openings are sealed. Openings near water pipes, drain spouts and vents should be protected where at all possible.

Leave no holes larger than one-quarter inch open. Use sheet metal or stainless steel meshing to protect these areas in your home or business.

Roof rats can be a problem for businesses in particular due to their traditional locations in urban areas. If mice or rats are traveling via power lines to get to your roof, contact the local electric company and ask them what preventative measures can be installed.

In all cases, if you are confronted with a pest problem, contact the professional rat exterminators at WheelersPC for a consultation and estimate. Embedded data.

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