Central Helicopters Warns Against Illegal Public Transport Flights

Derbyshire, United Kingdom (28thth February, 2013)Central Helicopters, a leading UK-based provider of helicopter services for business purposes, aerial photography, weddings and other occasions, has advised the public to be vigilant against companies offering illegal helicopter flights.

Central Helicopters has found that an increasing number of businesses are operating public helicopter flights without possessing the proper certification, which can have dangerous consequences; in the event of an accident, any insurance policies the passengers held would become invalid—even life insurance. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a leaflet, advising anyone thinking of booking a helicopter flight to check the company’s credentials if in doubt.

Anyone offering fare-paid helicopter flights in the UK must hold an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) by law, which requires them to meet certain standards by the CAA, such as crew training, aircraft maintenance, fuel planning, aircraft loading and organisational competence. The CAA holds a full list of AOC-licenced companies on their site.

“We have to pay in the region of £12,000 per year for our AOC licence, and we are subject to rigorous checking by the CAA to ensure we are operating our flights safely,” said Dan Briggs of Central Helicopters. “A helicopter ride is an incredible experience, but there are some companies and individuals out there offering flights to paying members of the public without the proper authorisation and training—needless to say, this is entirely unacceptable. Anyone with doubts regarding the credentials of any companies offering flights should contact the CAA to be sure.”

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About Central Helicopters:
Central Helicopters, based at Nottingham Airport, offer a wide range of services designed to cover all of their clients’ helicopter requirements. Using their company-owned fleet of aircraft, their provide a variety of helicopter pleasure flights and helicopter tours across the UK as well as conducting trial lessons and pilot training up to commercial level from their facility at Nottingham Airport. In addition, Central Helicopters also offers a bespoke helicopter charter service for business, aerial photography, weddings and other special occasions.

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