Making Your Dog Understand You

Hawaii – Of all of the domesticated animals in the world, it is only the dog that is considered to be man’s bestfriend. This is primarily because the domesticated variety of the canine species is able to show unquestionable loyalty to their human. Unfortunately, getting from “wild and free-spirited” to “tame and obedient” usually takes time, and a lot of patience. Fortunately, one can always count on the great dog trainer schools Hawaii has, one of which is Sit Means Sit Dog Training.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training is considered to be one of the premier dog behavior training Hawaii schools. What makes Sit Means Sit one of the up-and-coming dog obedience schools in the area is the fact that
they do not instantly take in any dog that owners bring their way. Sit Means Sit makes use of a number of steps in order to ensure that they have a good understanding of the dog’s personality. This is done by making sure that a team visits the client’s home and observing how the dog behaves in familiar surroundings. This also allows them to have an idea of how the owner interacts with his or her dog. Not to worry as this service is actually free of charge. These so-called demonstrations typically last from 40 minutes to about an hour.

As a professional dog trainer Hawaii company, Sit Means Sit makes use of two models of training – Jump Start with Private and Private Lessons Only. While the latter allows for a more personal approach to the training of the dog without having to leave his or her familial surroundings, the former allows for a more focused approached with the dog having to live with the trainer for a certain period. Some of the areas that their training program focus on include control of aggression, nuisance barking, and digging as well as chewing habits.

Sit Means Sit also offers their very own Sit Means Sit collar that can be used by pet owners in order to control the behavior of their dog. The collar makes use of tap signals in order to get the attention of the pet and have him or her focus on what the owner would like to have him or her do.

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