US Visa Waiver Expert to Help with Record Suspension Challenges

Regina, Saskatchewan (February 12, 2013) – US Visa waiver expert, Fingerprint Pardon Services (FPS), is offering to assist individuals throughout Canada to meet the challenges in getting a record suspension. It lends its expertise particularly in light of stringent changes to the process.

Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, the company has 10 years experience with record suspension (formerly pardon), fingerprinting, criminal records, and US travel waivers. Among its services include Commissionaire of Oaths to clients, individual and group fingerprinting, consultation for criminal records procedures and security clearance, and file purges.

Normally used to separate one’s criminal record from other records and essentially start life anew, new process rules by the Conservative government attempt to fix perceived deficiencies. Compared with 2009-2010, applications are down by more than 40 per cent on an annualized basis since then.

For people wishing to put their criminal pasts behind them, new rules in the record suspension process make that prospect difficult. Data released to Canadian press indicate that out of 15,871 applications between March 2012 and last December alone, only 8,631 got through the processing door of the Parole Board of Canada.

FPS invites people to approach them for assistance in the record suspension application. By taking the challenges by the horns, the company can help its clients to follow the new rules and successfully get through the hurdles of the process. Successful applicants can then find employment, seek post-secondary education, and more.

The company calls on upcoming and current applicants to give them a call and find ways to complete the process with minimal problems. Visit to find out more.

About Fingerprint Pardon Services

An accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Saskatchewan, Fingerprint Pardon Services partners with immigration consultants, lawyers, and experts to help individuals put their criminal pasts behind them and start new lives. Email or call 306-205-2532 for more information. Embedded data.

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