Manual Wheelchair Sales Are Still Strong

England 20/2/2013 – Sales of electric wheelchairs are good, in the UK. However, there is also plenty of demand for manual wheelchairs

Sales of powered wheelchairs from Simple Life Mobility are growing year on year. More and more people in the UK are turning to wheelchairs to help them to get about. The fact that the UK has an aging population is driving much of the increased demand.

As people age mobility can become an issue. Many older people suffer from arthritis and other joint diseases, which means that they need to use a wheelchair, at least some of the time.

Most elderly people that need to use a wheelchair on a daily basis, opt for an electric one, or for a mobility scooter for use when they go out. Indoors, they will often use a manual wheelchair. This allows them to charge their electric one.

The fact that manual wheelchairs are lighter and smaller makes them more manoeuvrable in the home where space it tight. Many people own a manual chair because they can fold a manual wheelchair up and fit it into an ordinary car, something that is not possible with most electric wheelchairs.

Many of those who do not need a wheelchair every day opt for a manual wheelchair. Sufferers from arthritis have good days and bad days. One day they can walk around the shops the next they need to be pushed around. For them manual wheelchairs are often the most practical option because a manual chair can be folded up and stored away until it is needed.

Younger people prefer manual wheelchairs
Many younger wheelchair users prefer to use manual wheelchairs. Those that have full use of their arms, and sufficient upper body strength, tend to prefer a self-propelled wheelchair. These chairs give them the ability to get about independently. Many of Simple Life Mobility’s younger clients look for lightweight wheelchairs. They do so because these chairs are easier to manoeuvre. The ability to fold the chair up when not in use is another important factor that means that they favour manual wheelchairs over electric ones.

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