BauBid’s Unique Site Connects Project Owners and Local Contractors

Contractors that are available for projects can use the resources available at BauBid to turn their excess capacity into profit. According to recent research, 85% – 97% of consumers are searching online for local businesses. This website gives contractors the connection they need to reach their target market online as they use the unique platform to bid on contracts. Until recently contractors really didn’t have many options available online to reach out to
project owners that were desperately trying to find the right person or company for the job.

Project owners may only know a few contractors and if they are busy the project may need to be placed on hold until another contractor is found.
Project owners will now be able to use this site to take back control over their business to get the construction rolling on time with an available contractor. Sticking to a budget can also be a problem for project owners. By using BauBid the bids can be sorted and organized so that only offers matching the budget are considered.

Project owners will be able to set the timeframe for bidding on the platform according to their own set timeline. Owners that require a specific job done quickly can place a 1 or 3 day bidding period to get all of the bids in quickly. If an owner has more time the bidding period can be set for longer so that more bids are received. Project owners can also upload their plans onto BauBid so that contractors can see exactly what the job entails. This ensures that the proper bids will be placed and nothing will be left up to chance during the bidding process.

Projects posted on the website include everything from demolition to excavation and cleaning service to plumbers. BauBid has designed the website so that an entire construction project can be posted and contractors can bid for selected jobs on the project as they become available. is an environmentally friendly website that helps to reduce waste by directly pointing contractors towards their target market. This helps to eliminate the need for guerrilla marketing methods such as posting signs, delivering flyers and driving around to look for business. As a result, marketing costs can be reduced and the savings can be passed on to the end-user in the form of lower bids.



BauBid was founded by Nima Khadem to make the process of finding the right contractor more efficient. Since its launch its member base of contractors has been growing in all of the various categories. The goal of the website is to continue to enhance the platform with an ever-expanding system of great features to help contractors and project owners connect in an online environment that’s safe and secure. For more information on how to Get estimates faster, Visit Embedded data.

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