Reading Makes a Wise Man or What if You Cannot Read?

Why is reading so important? Why does reading make a wise man? Since the beginning of time man has tried many ways to express his thoughts and daily activities.

First it was drawing pictures on cave walls which enabled people to tell stories of what they were doing, where they were and describing the world as it was then.

The world would be a poorer place today had there not been such wise men who so cleverly passed on their knowledge.

Today one of the first things parents teach their children is how to read. It is the greatest gift one can give to a child. Most adults can read although there are still a few people who are able to for various reasons.

Reading is something adults and children do every day. It helps towards making a wise man.

Convert PDF to flipbook Without the skill of reading, a person would not be able to follow instructions in a work situation or be able to fill in application forms. Maps would mean nothing to him and he would be at the mercy of unscrupulous people who take advantage of people who are unable to read.

Imagine not being able to read the labels on medicines and cleaning products. It may be poison and you would be none the wiser.

Reading makes a man wise as he can keep up-to-date with what is happening in the world and is able to impart his knowledge of facts and theories to his family. How sad it would be for him not to be able to go to the library to enjoy reading the thousands of books, magazines, or encyclopedias.

A man gains insight to other people’s experiences by reading books. If he is unable to read he would miss out on gaining information and knowledge via the Internet and emails.

Today, e-books are becoming more and more popular which encourage people to read further. Having an e-book means you can travel lightly without the hassle of packing heavy books to read on holiday or business. One can read on the plane, bus or at the beach. Using an e-book created by flipbook creator one can store a variety of books thereby gaining knowledge and wisdom on different subjects.

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