Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services India, 98% + Accurate Result within TAT Compliant

If you are seeking reliable medical transcription company for all your medical transcription needs than Hi-Tech Medical Transcription (HMTS) is one of the professional service provider in India.

We are India’s trusted medical transcription company providing various medical specialties transcribing services to the globally health care providers since years ago.

Why Choose Hi-Tech Medical Transcription Services Team?

• Pay only for what we type
• No fixed contracts
• Free trial
• Confidential transmission
• IPhone integration
• We get it done short turn around time

To find out how HMTS can helps your organization, For more information Please contact us on.

At HMTS, we provide affordable medial transcription services for variety healthcare specialties such as radiology, cardiology, pathology, pediatrics, emergency room, family practice, pain management, hematology, pulmonary, general surgery and many more.

We are driven by five key values:

• Excellence deliverables
• Large cost saving
• Quick TAT
• Well-organized and user friendly solutions
• High level of data security & confidentiality

To focus on providing best patient care services, physicians as well doctors want to reduce their workload by accurate medical transcription services. HMTS (Hi-Tech Medical Transcription Services) offers accurate transcribing services at reasonable project cost.

To find out more about medical transcription services send email at info@hitechmedicaltranscriptionservices.com

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