TruBlu Carpet Care Offers Professional Office Cleaning in NJ

Hammonton, New Jersey (February 20, 2013) – TruBlu Carpet Care is offering professional services for office cleaning in NJ. Highly regarded for their efficiency and thoroughness, the company ensures that carpets used in the workplace will be cleaned and dried from corner to corner.

As countless people walk on office and business carpets on a daily basis, it is unavoidable that these will wear out more quickly and collect a high amount of dirt. Due to constant use, it is important that the cleaning of these items is done properly. All dirt should be eliminated and no chemical residue must remain after the process.

TruBlu, a reliable provider of NJ carpet cleaning services, leaves any carpet completely dry and disinfected. The company uses a steam cleaning/hot water extraction method where hot water mixed with a special solution is pressure-sprayed onto the carpet. At the same time, all the dirt is also vacuumed out.

TruBlu utilizes the innovative DriMaster’s™ Jetless Cleaning Technology which does its job quickly but thoroughly and leaves the carpet six times drier compared to if it were cleaned by a scrub wand. The high level of dryness ensures that no new dirt can cultivate itself in any remaining moisture.

Also committed to ensuring the complete health and safety of customers, TruBlu uses only green products and methods when providing their services. These include upholstery and tile and grout cleaning as well as treatment of pet urine and odors, strip waxing, and more. The company also offers flooring installation and backs all services with a 100% Risk Free Guarantee.

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About TruBlu Carpet Care

TruBlu, owned and operated by the father and son team of Joseph and Andrew Young, specializes in providing professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services. The company utilizes the latest eco-friendly products and equipment and offers residential and commercial services in New Jersey. Embedded data.

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