February 26, 2013, HARROW, ON CANADA – Following the success of previous years, Colio Estate Winery once again opened its doors to a rousing reception for the 13th annual Festival of Ice. In the throngs of winter during tough economic times, Colio welcomed the public free of charge for its spirited event. All that was required for admission was a canned or boxed food donation for the local food bank; a worthy cause in frugal times when most company events are ramping up their entry costs.

The event included a two hour professional ice sculpture demonstration by the internationally renowned Iceculture. Onlookers had the pleasure of watching them carve stunning creations live and with detailed commentary, giving them an interactive look into the processes involved in this delicate art. Afterwards, guests were able to sample iced wines and vote on their favorite sculptures. Guests were also given the opportunity to take a complimentary tour of the Colio Winery Estates; providing them with a firsthand look at the science of wine making and the opportunity to explore Colio’s picturesque grounds and facilities.

Colio first established the festival in 2000, as part of a welcome initiative to combat the winter blues. Now in its thirteenth year, it is a thriving and cherished feature of the local community that is important to both residents and wine industry workers; who recognize its ongoing contribution to the industries prosperity. It provides people with the much needed opportunity to venture out of the house and enjoy a great day out with the family. As well as the festivities, there was also a selection of delicious sweet baked treats, fruit flavored wine slushies and wine and chocolate pairing tasting sessions. Guests were also able to enter Colio’s prize draws, with one grand prize of being awarded to a jubilant winer.

Colio Winery takes pride in over 30 years of award winning wine production; with a scenic location and many acres of splendid vineyards producing over 400,000 cases of fine wine per year. They provide year round tours of their facilities, including a chronological walk through the wine making process with stops at grape handling and processing, climate-controlled barrel aging cellars and the bottling line; all rounded off with the obligatory wine tasting session at their Hospitality Centre. Recommended for both wine connoisseurs and novices alike their tours provide a fun and informative day out for friends and family.

If you would like to know more about wineries in Ontario or take a tour of the Colio Estate Winery, you can find out more information about them on their website, where you can also pre-book a tour or order from their award winning selection of fine red and white wines.

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