Travelers from the globe would prefer to visit China during holiday season

China is reputed as the oldest civilization and leading nation in the world. Its unique culture, history and rich heritage make it beautiful place for visiting. China is a very diverse place with large variations in culture, language, customs and economic levels. Chinese people are the largest nationality in the world. During the several thousand years’ development, they have made huge contribution in the world due to their wisdom and hard working. The advanced agriculture, manufacture and advanced Technology have impressed the world. And this is the reason why people from around the world love to visit China.
Travelers from the globe would prefer to visit China during holiday season as there are few major holidays in China. Public holidays in China now include the New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival (spring festival (Chinese New Year) most popular event in China), the Qingming Festival (tomb sweeping day, cemeteries are crowded with people who go to sweep the tombs of their ancestors and offer sacrifices), Labor Day or the May Day, the Dragon Boat Festival (Boat races and eating zongzi are a traditional parts of the celebration), the Mid-autumn Festival/Day (Also called the Moon Cake Festival after its signature treat, moon cakes, People meet outside, putting food on tables and looking up at the full harvest moon while talking about life) and the National Day (Chinese New Year and National Day are not one-day holidays; nearly all workers get at least a week for Chinese New Year, some get two or three, and students get four to six weeks. For National Day, a week is typical). During these days, people in China would love to have a good rest or go traveling. The Spring Festival and the National Holiday, these two ‘Golden Weeks’, are the great time for the travelers to visit China. Many people plan a trip during these holidays however it is not always the best idea as tickets for trains, planes, as well as accommodations at hotels are hard to obtain in that season, as great numbers of people travel during these times. If you are willing to go China in Holiday season your travel should be planned well in advance. Every mode of transportation is extremely crowded; tickets of any kind are hard to buy, and will cost you a lot more, so it may be necessary to book well in advance. But if you want to save money and time, you should avoid trip at that time as Train and bus tickets are usually quite easy and affordable to buy in China during the non-holiday season. Overall China is huge country with endless and affordable travel opportunities.
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