Office and Reception Chairs Get a Makeover

England 14/2/2013 – The type of chair you use is an important element in an office or a reception area and can reflect on your business.

Despite money being tight firms are still investing in their businesses. They know that first impressions count and make the difference between a potential client walking out and binning their business card or buying from them. Therefore, hundreds of firms turn to websites like to help them to re-design their reception areas and offices to ensure that they make the best first impression possible.

However, increasingly they are looking for a way to spruce up their existing offices rather than re-build them from the ground up. Many are looking for new chairs to brighten up their existing office furniture and improve comfort levels for their workers and visitors. Using chairs, a firm can give an existing office a fresh, modern look without spending too much.

Bold shapes and bright colours can turn a dated office into a modern, vibrant and energetic place. The right seating for visitors can make them feel at ease encouraging them to stay and hear what sales staff have to say. Flexible seating allows an informal meeting area to be transformed quickly into a formal conferencing area. This allows firms to project themselves in different ways to different client groups.

The way forward
Whitespace has been in the office design refurbishment and design business for over 20 years, so they have experience of operating in a recession. They still have a full order book because they have adapted what they offer to meet the current needs and budgets of UK businesses.

Today, firms need crisp, modern designs at an affordable price. However, simply buying cheap office furniture is not the way forward in the long term. Extremely cheap furniture does not wear well and ends up looking ratty in no time at all. The team at White Room take the middle road. They offer high-end office furnishings to those who see the benefits of investing in it, but they also offer mid-range office furnishings for those on a tighter budget. Businesses can get ideas of how to update their offices on a tight budget by visiting and contacting the White Room team for advice.

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