The sun is shining in Faridabad; make the most of it!

Sharing boundaries with the National Capital, Faridabad the largest city of Haryana, shows promising returns on investment in property in Faridabad. Now why wouldn’t it? The city itself is self-contained with all and sundry available within the city leaving no reason to cross the border for any good or service. Being the most populated city, it generously contributes about 60% of the states total revenue generation. As one of Haryana’s major industrial hub, Faridabad tops in the production of switch gears, tractors and tyres to name a few. Many small and medium scale industries have found the city to offer the most conducive environment for their development. This means Faridabad has become a preferred location for garment exporters and other industries like Mahindra Defense, Whirlpool, Goodyear and many others. If that goes to say for large scale industries, no where else would you find the presence of around 25000 small scale industries.

This is how an industrial town has become home to many people – those who own / work in these units view the city as their home as it provides for everyday living in terms of basic amenities, malls, hospitals, school etc. This being the case, it is but natural for investors to eye Faridabad as a promising location to buy residential property in Faridabad not only because of it is an all-pervasive city, but also due to its ascending trend on the property price index. Many people buy residential property in Faridabad and sell residential property in Faridabad with a view to benefit from the reigning price of property in Faridabad.

Popular real estate portal lists Faridabad as one of the top cities for investment purposes. When asked their consultant “Why Faridabad?”, he said, “The equation is pretty simple. Just as in stocks when you would buy shares at a low rate and sell them when high, this is the perfect time to invest in Faridabad. A 2BHK apartment worth 40 lacs today would grow manifold within a very short span of time owing to the rapid development of the city backed by the support of the union government and flourishing industries.”

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