NRG Compliance trailblazes CA building industry with new app

Santa Rosa, CA – NRG Compliance , Inc was the first company of its kind to offer a flat fee on building energy performance reports for residential homes back in 2004. They are leading the pack once again with the new features that will be included in the app they have just announced for release, Title 24 Report.

In California, before someone can receive a building permit they must obtain the building energy performance reports of that structure. With the launch of NRG Compliance’s mobile app, Title 24 Report, receiving a quote for industrial properties will be easier than ever. With the click of a finger, architects, builders, engineers, and homeowners alike can take advantage of the functionalities offered.

With one click, a user can call NRG Compliance directly; this feature is especially useful for professionals who are out on the field and have a quick question. Consumers can also send NRG Compliance mail or submit a full order form, including floor plans, with the help of the Title 24 Report mobile app as well.

Title 24 Report is integrated with Dropbox, the popular cloud storage solution. With this cloud technology, users can grab a file from their desktop computer in their office and submit their order while on the go, directly through the Title 24 Report app.

Title 24 Report is an app that all commercial architects, builders, engineers, and property owners should download. It is now available in the Apple iTunes store here .

NRG Compliance also plans to communicate important updates on the California Energy Code to their users through the use of Title 24 Report, that way commercial builders can stay up-to-date with relevant information.

Learn more about the company at their website, Embedded data.

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