3D Pageflip Pro Has An Edge Above Others With Its 3D Feature

February 25, 2013 A flipbook converter is software which converts the PDF to a 3D flipping book besides giving the options to add flash, videos, slideshows, etc. Although the market has several software, most of them do not come with some or the other feature. Moreover, most of them come with simple features where people do not have the option to customize and add effects as per their needs. Each of them lacks one or the other feature which makes them limited in terms of its functionality. Simple ordinary flipbook software usually is just a book which comes with the basic reading effects and supports the feature to turn pages as if people had been reading a real book. Some additional features which this basic software comes with are the options to support the sharing options, publishing online, embedding links, adding videos, buttons, images, etc. These features although effective are available to all which is why something more innovative and appealing could work wonders for people publishing books or manuals. It would definitely be handy for companies to attract more customers.

This is the reason people search for a comprehensive software which offers them with the advanced features. To meet this need 3D PageFlip Professional has been developed which comes with the basic as well as some of the most advanced effects. It comes with more than 8 plus templates such as 3D panoramic as well as page turning effect; embed 3D video and 3D Image Sphere and 360 degree products. It comes with all the basic design and reading functions which all the other software comes with but some of the other features which deserve a mention are its ability to create flipping books with 3D style which are:

• Ability to set panoramic 3D background, spin book 360 degree in a full vision scene

• Create video with 3D space.

• Create 3D object for showing product with 360 degree

• Create 3D Image Sphere as gallery to show image to others specially

The 3D PageFlip Pro thus comes with the ability to create flash flip book and act as the flip book maker which is a cost effective solution. This would certainly help people to enhance their businesses and attract more customers. Therefore it is recommended software for contributing towards innovative creation of flipbook for manuals and books through the 3D software. This is a highly advanced software which is developed by the company which can definitely prove to be an effective marketing tool for online as well as offline businesses.

About 3D PageFlip

URL: http://www.flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/index.html


3D PageFlip is a company which creates innovative software for flipping books which mostly includes the 3D software. The latest product created by their developers includes the flip book maker which is an advanced 3D PageFlip Software. This as well as the other software available from the company prove to be an effective marketing tool for both online and offline businesses.

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