Why Lay Porcelain Floor Tiles?

A quick look at the history of ceramics and porcelain is enough to reveal that it was one of those things that ever happened to home decoration. The Chinese are widely credited for ceramics and porcelain wares, but the creation and use of tiles cannot be exclusively put on the oriental decorators. Definitely a lot began in China, but French and German tile makers contributed a lot to make what porcelain floor tiles are today. Gradually over the centuries, floor tiles have reached every household around the globe, undergoing little modifications at the hand of each tile artist. What is so special about porcelain floor tiles that have made them so popular and international favourite? We are about to take a look at those qualities here.

Porcelain Floor Tiles Keep Shining
Porcelain floor tile is so good at a few things that even materials several times costlier has failed to unseat it from the material of choice when it comes to making things such as floor tiles and toilets. The perennial shiny looks of porcelain are one of them. no matter what you do over the tiles, just spill some water and scrub it hard and voila, it will start shinning like you just brought it from the store. Try that on something else like steel or processed plastic or any other alternative and you will know the difference.

Porcelain Don’t Break Easily
Porcelain is made of clay and water, two things that are not among the strongest things known to man, but the final product thus made has the rigidity capable of holding huge weights without cracking or chipping. The credit for this unbelievable toughness goes to the process of cooking tiles inside a high temperature kiln. Frying it up in a kiln adds strength and sheen to tiles that remain true even after several decades of rough use. Having said that there is a limit that should not be exceeded, for instance you should test the durability by repeatedly dropping something heavy onto your floor tiles. Unless you are hell bent on causing damage to your floor tiles, nothing will harm them.

Porcelain Is Aesthetic
The most important quality of porcelain that makes it perfect for applications such as covering up the floor or walls in home is that porcelain floor tile is aesthetically superior to any hue of paint. Besides being super glazy, tiles can be designed in a variety of ways. A tile artist can do all sorts of things on a porcelain tile. Handmade tiles are probably a step ahead when it comes to looking uniquely pretty, but if you wanted to cover up the entire floor or wall in tiles, you will probably cringe at the total price because each handmade tile is expensive. Thankfully though, mass production porcelain tiles are catching up fast on the aesthetics front.

Visit any store that specializes in porcelain ware and you will be lost for choice at all the different styles and designs available. If that fails to impress you, try online.

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