DaRoche Jewelry Sells Custom, First Class Jewelry Online As Well As In Michigan!

Buying just the right piece of jewelry can be just as important for a birthday or anniversary as it can be for a wedding ring – especially if you have saved the good ring for the one your purchase once you have made more money. Many your families do this – but with the help of DaRoche Jewelers you can select the perfect ring now!

Dan Dolly and his family have been bringing quality, custom Diamond Engagement Rings and other jewelry to Brighton, Michigan for years, and now our stock and our expertise are available online for everyone.

Purchasing Jewelry can be a trying task, but DaRoche Jewelers is here to help you with every step of the process. Engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, brooches, black diamonds and gemstone jewelry, in yellow and white gold and more, it is easy to find exactly the right piece of jewelry.

Gemstone jewelry mixed with diamonds remains one of the strongest and most beautiful of the jewelry combination, and DaRoche Jewelers has an excellent supply of gorgeous, classy gemstone jewelry, some with just the gemstones and other mixed with diamonds – A round center set blue topaz with lines of round diamonds on a white gold band is a gorgeous ring, but there are plenty of choices for the special person in your life.

The diamond engagement rings are where DaRoche jewelers really shine, though – they know every aspect of the diamond field, and offer beautiful diamond rings to fit any budget! And, we sell semi mount and other rings where the major diamond is not included.

If you have a diamond in a setting you don’t like, or if it is a family heirloom, this is a great way to put your diamond in a gorgeous white or yellow gold mount in many different styles! Most of the rings are sold without the central diamond – that is selected once the perfect ring is found.

This is just one of the ways DaRoche differs from many other jewelry stores. We don’t push a diamond on you. Find the perfect setting, and then we can help you look at diamonds.

If you have a diamond or are going to buy one from anywhere, you should be aware of some of the language – especially the 4 C’s as they are called. Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color. An educated customer is always a better customer!

Carats are measured as percentage points, so 100 points would be 1 carat. When you hear someone talking now, saying things like “The central stone is 75 points”, that means the central stone is three quarters of a carat.

The cut just refers to the shape of the diamond – princess, round, marquis and even heart shaped diamonds are becoming popular now!

Color ranges from completely clear to yellow, and is measured by the alphabet starting at D, which is completely clear to Z which is very yellow. Below the letter J there should be very little noticeable color, and K through M is still very faint.

Clarity can get technical, but what you need to be concerned with is what you can see with the naked eye – VS, VVS, IF and FI designations may have some small flaws but they should be virtually invisible to the naked eye.

DaRoche can help you find the perfect ring or piece of jewelry for your special person – come into darochejewelers.com now and take a look around!

For more infomation please visit http://www.darochejewelers.com/

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DaRoche can help you find the perfect ring or piece of jewelry for your special person - come into darochejewelers.com now and take a look around!

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