Laser Produces Longer Lasting and Less Painful Hair Removal

London, UK – Laser hair removal uses beams of high energy light that are concentrated on the hair. This light causes the hairs root to die and after a week to ten days the dead hair just falls out.

Laser removal works best on patients with light skin and dark hair, the laser light is attracted to melanin which can be found in both hairs and skin. Patients with dark skin can sometimes suffer burns and even scaring this is because their skin contains more melanin than their hair does, due to this fact it is best to find a reputable clinic that offers a free initial consultation and try to avoid the sun before treatment.

Results often vary from client to client but because laser treatment kills the hair by its root it usually leads to longer lasting, sometimes permanent results. Many clients experience greatly reduced hair growth after 3-4 laser treatment sessions.

Make sure that you find an experienced clinic that offers a free initial consultation before your treatment, this will ensure your skin and hair type are suitable for laser hair removal. is a Central London based hair removal clinic, they have been established more than 10 years with extremely experienced and well trained staff. They can now offer state of the art hair removal using Soprano XL.

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