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February 22nd, 2013: Link Emperor, the popular link building system has opened a new forum for its customers and people interested in SEO, referred to as the SEO forum. Link Emperor was conceived and designed to handle any link building tasks directly from the interface and automatically rotate through the user’s URLs and keywords to identify and give priority to their highest quality opportunities.

Analyzing the traffic info and current rankings from Google Analytics, the system constantly changes the user’s link allocations. Customers can enter their campaigns into the system, after which the system integrates its services in a 100% hands-free manner. The system will then work from campaigns and the users will notice thousands of one-way links effectively flowing in. Link Emperor offers effective monthly link building as well.

“We’ve brought together the best and most affordable link builders out there and built a complete integrated link building marketplace” says the company promising good results from their product. “We want our vendors to compete by delivering higher quality links rather than just larger numbers of low quality links” adds the company. So the company also makes it clear that the customers will be able to see the quality of the monthly link building vendors through the advanced vendor metrics provided.

The system is designed to report to customers each time a backlink is built for them by the vendors.  It verifies the referring links and their IP addresses as well as the mozRank of the domain. New users can sign up for Link Emperor Services at just $7 with the company’s 30 days No-questions-asked-refund guarantee.

Now that the Link Emperor website officially opened an SEO forum, its customers and people interested in SEO can actively discuss and learn new things about SEO from each other. Customers of Link Emperor using advanced SEO techniques can now share their ideas with other users and adopt better techniques as suggested by others through the SEO forum.

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A complete integrated link building marketplace, Link Emperor is a widely used link building system featuring effortless link building techniques, dynamic keyword management, tireless keyword research, instant article generation and website audits. The system orders link building services from reputed third party vendors on behalf of the customers every single day.

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