Looking for a job in the animation industry?

If you are interested in animation jobs, this article is for you. Are you tired of e-mailing friends or acquaintances in good animation firms and begging them to recommend you to HR, or putting your profile on a general employment portal to get hundreds of junk results? If so, read on. We aim to describe the next “leap forward” in the employment process for animators and animation professionals.

We believe that the best method is to have an industry-specific portal completely dedicated to animation jobs. This dedicated animation job search engine is a far superior method of searching and getting jobs, because:

• There are no junk results, as the entire site is dedicated to animation jobs and vfx jobs

• The site is built specially for the animation industry! You will get a “portfolio page” showcasing your work, animations, graphics, and sketches instead of a boring CV. This is a google-readable public profile.

• Search for jobs by skill, city and experience. This is an immensely powerful feature that allows you to search for say, all jobs for a character designer in your city with 5 years of experience!

• Avoid the time wasted in putting your profile on tens of animation company websites, general job portals, and job boards. Instead, concentrate your energy on building one superb portfolio page that displays your work to best advantage.

• Make yourself directly visible to hundreds of animation industry HR and hiring experts

All of the above is what animate.biz is! Animate.biz is a site with a clean, easy-to use yet powerful interface that puts the power to pick up a job at your dream firm in your hands! Simply register with a quick 2-minute process and start looking for the best animation jobs in your area or city. Also find animation internships and animation projects here.

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