Learn About Detroit History And Beer In Brewery Oriented Bus Trips In Michigan!

Detroit Michigan is the historic American city of beer, and any beer lover staying over in this city or passing near it should consider one of the local tours for the Breweries In Michigan – there are a ton of breweries to explore, and there are going to be four special beer festivals in Michigan this year alone.

The best thing about the tours is, of course the fact that a designated driver is built into it – of course, there are also walking and bike tours too! (Do not drive your bike inebriated!)

Motor City Brew Tours of Detroit Michigan has three fun ways for you to try some fresh local beers, meet some new people and maybe even learn a little about the history of beer and Detroit. These unique tours can be done on foot, on a bicycle or shuttle buses and include the famous 35 mile overnight “Bike 2 Brew” tour with a special beer pairing dinner this summer.

Private brewery bus tours, bicycle and walking tours can easily be arranged as well. You can enjoy the best of Michigan Brewery Tours, and sample of the great Michigan brew pubs with these great Detroit bus tours.

For the completely relaxing tour the shuttle bus is the way to go. At the first stop three to four fresh beer samples will be available for tasting and lunch will be waiting as well. A complete tour of the brewery will be given, and time for asking any questions you may have. Guests may also purchase and fill growlers to drink on or store in the bus cooler. A nice feature for sure.

The walking tour is pretty much the same as the bus tour except for the absence of the shuttle bus. This is a more relaxed and informative tour as the guide has time to tell the interesting historical facts as you’re walking right by them. Another great way to spend the afternoon!

Now if you like to feel a breeze in your hair, you may want to take on one of the themed bicycle tours.

You will visit three different local breweries while cruising the sidewalks and bike trails of downtown Detroit. Along the ride the tour guide will highlight the spots which make the tour special. Every bike tour includes lunch at the Michigan Brewery.

Steve and Linda Johnson started Motor City Brew Tours in 2009 and have been helping locals and vacationers alike connect with and get a taste of what’s brewing in the great state of Michigan with the best brewery tours around.

With over one hundred breweries in the state, the tours are constantly changing up to keep things interesting and to make sure their guest get one hundred percent Michigan made beer.

These are just some of the breweries that Steve and Linda are affiliated with: Belle’s Brewery, Michigan Brewery, Arcadia Brewery, Dark Horse Brewery, Liberty Street Brewery and Wolverine Brewery just to name a few. I could go on, but you get the picture.

For more information go to motorcitybrewtours.com. If you’re visiting the motor city or living there, check out the Motor City Brew Tours and spend a wonderful afternoon sampling, laughing, learning (at least a little, hopefully) something about Detroit, beer and maybe even yourself along the way.

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