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GuangZhou, Guangdong Province, P.R. China, February 20, 2013 — 3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd. launches their powerful Flipbook Maker that can enhance the user experience, by allowing e-book creators to add several unique features. With this new software, now one can easily convert a pdf into a 3D flipping book and can also add flash animations, videos and slideshows to showcase his creativity. Consequently, the users will experience a better, creative and feature-rich 3D flipping book. While releasing their new software 3DPageFlip maintains that their top-quality software is still very affordable and offers a great deal of easiness while it comes to creating flipbooks. The software comes with several in-built templates that allow designers to be more creative and make their flipbooks more attractive for the users.

3DPageFlip claims that their new Flipbook Maker can be easily used by worldwide PDF users and they can easily create realistic page-turning 3D effects. They claim that their software will prove a game changer in the e-publication industry which is in the nascent stage itself and exploring new technologies to offer better results to the users so that they can be more attracted towards the e-publications. This new software will help publishing in creative and interactive e-books with a host of images and videos, which will not only make these e-books more creative but informative and interactive as well.

The new Flipbook Maker by 3DPageFlip has many unique functions that users can easily handle while flipping an e-book. The company maintains that the digital world is all about new discoveries and this is the reason why users seek new and advanced features when it comes to accessing the digital content. One of the company representatives speaks about their new 3D flipping book software, “We have developed and released this new software to meet the user’s emerging needs in the digital world. People deserve and expect better experience and we have tried to meet the demands of our worldwide users.”

The design community is too very much exhilarated on the release of 3dpageflip.com’s new software for creating flipbooks. One of the key features of the software is the ability to choose comprehensive setting functions that allow designers to carry out their tasks with a great deal of flexibility and user-friendliness. 3DPageFlip however claims that such features allow for a custom development and designers can now come up with more creative outputs to impress their users. Many from the e-book and e-magazine industry feel that the software will bring more convenience and flexibility for all those who want to create a flipbook. If you too are associated with the e-book industry or want to create own flipbook with lots of creativity, you can view the demo of the software by following the link http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d-pro/index.html.

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3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd. is a company headquartered in China, which has developed a series of digital publishing tools including 3D PageFlip Professional, 3D eBook converter and others. Established in 2008, the company has been providing cost-effective software and services to their worldwide clients

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Should you have any question, or want to know more about their 3D PageFlip Professional, you can contact them at: support@3dpageflip.com

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