Various Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a physical exercise which involves breathing techniques and meditation practices which is designed to strengthen body and calm mind. Yoga is considered as a useful technique for kids because it is helpful for developing concentration, calmness and body awareness.

It has been noticed that many kids are under great stress from school, peers, activities and home life. Yoga for kids enables to reduce stress and provide calmer mind. Yoga is a beautiful way to calm the mind and helps in bringing peace even into situations that would normally provoke anger. In theory, kids who perform yoga and learn its skills are less prone toward anger as adults.

Yoga is an excellent way to develop body awareness, which can increase self esteem in kids as their bodies change and grow. Yoga maintains flexibility in body as the kids grow. If presented in a fun and simple manner then yoga can be a fun activity for kids. Jyoti Bajaj,, is one such expert who teaches yoga to kids, for the betterment of the basic foundation of the human being.

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