Advanced Training In Sports Is Necessary – Get Quarterback Training From Quarterback Elite!

What’s the best way to throw a spiral? It can be looked it up in a book – but now you can find out from a Heisman award winner with over 15,000 yards passing in college and a 14 year career in the NFL.

Ty Detmer, in partnership with quarterback coach Dustin Smith has made a powerhouse team of wisdom that can be useful for players of ay level, from junior high to college.

Quarterback Elite is offering the combined wisdom of these two football veterans in unique, high definition Quarterback Training DVDs. They cover the mechanics of throwing a football, and how to throw a spiral and other quarterback tips that will make a huge difference on the field.

They teach these techniques in easy to understand lessons that will supercharge any quarterback’s performance. It is no longer just enough for quarterbacks or any athlete to just practice – that is, if they want to continue to compete in college and perhaps beyond.

In this modern sports environment the difference often comes down to training. If you cannot come to one of the 2013 Quarterback Elite camps the next best thing in quarterback training is a Quarterback Training DVD.

The series offered by Quarterback Elite cover the gamut of skills needed, from the mechanical skills like passing and footwork to the mental portion of the game.

A quarterback is a battle commander – to be successful and to play at a college and professional level you must think about the field in that way. You must be able to adapt your tactics on the fly, and think about the field in terms of moves on a board game as well as a game of action.

It is this mental preparation that make a truly dangerous quarterback, and it is this deep insight into the game that Ty Detmer is able to deliver. He is a 14 year vet of the NFL, and a Heisman Award Winner who broke many NCAA records.

His unique insight and invaluable knowledge of the game is impressive, and it is delivered in a very intimate, one on one setting in the DVD and e-book options. Remote learning has never been so effective!

Another integral part of the team is Dustin Smith. He is an award winning quarterback coach who has worked with some of the best names in the NFL in the last ten years. Now he is bringing that intimate knowledge to you in a way that will have you thinking about the game and the way you play with a new precision and viewpoint that will have you seeing instant results!

The footwork DVD alone will improve your game tremendously by allowing you to achieve better balance. Improper balance is the number one cause of poor weight transfer which results in loss of power when doing things such as throwing a pass or trying to slip out of the way.

Check out the wide selection of topics covered at Quarterback Elite now, and start training to be the best quarterback you can be!

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Check out the wide selection of topics covered at Quarterback Elite now, and start training to be the best quarterback you can be!

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