LFI Supplies Tools Built Right, Built To Last And Built Lansing Tough

When you need tough tools, and need them built to the highest specifications Lansing Forge Inc. Has been building the best since 1956.

From railroad to marine and military, LFI is the company to go to for a vast array of industry specific tools, like Marline spikes in many different sizes, Hammer Keys, Forging Tongs and plumbing caulking irons.

The tools LFI builds are made to be used in the harshest environment and under the toughest conditions. They must be manufactured to very high levels of quality control, both in materials and in design.

Marline spikes have been used in much the same form since humans started using ropes on the ocean. These spikes, ranging up to 20″ in length and made for wire or manila rope will supply years and years of use.

Plumbing caulking irons are another example of a tool that is not glamorous – it’s built for hard work, and has to be built right. There is a reason LFI is known across heavy industry as the tool maker to go to – they build the best, and they find the best design for these critical tools and stick with it.

Some things can only be improved so much – and then they are as perfect as they can be.

That sums up the LFI design philosophy across the entire spectrum of their industrial and handled tool lineup.

LFI supplies a range of services as well as many different tools. Hammer keys are one of the specialties of LFI; the standard material is P20-Hi Hard, and key drifts are manufactured from 4140 stock, with the drift end heat treated.

Other machining jobs include die holders, upset tooling, bolster plates, sow blocks and shear blades. Some items can also be reconditioned depending on their shape. Good candidates for reconditioning are rams, die sets, bolster plates and die holders and sow blocks.

LFI was originally founded as Industrial Blacksmithing Tools, and started by supplying tongs to the forging industry, and when it comes to material handling LFI considers forging tongs to be their home turf. This is where the company started, and LFI still makes the best hot material handling tongs on the market.

LFI now serves many different industries – marine, railroad, forging and military and industrial tools are all made right in Lansing Michigan. No matter what type of heavy tool you need; tongs, prybars, pinch and wrecking bars and more LFI has the perfect item for the leverage you need to generate, from demolition to die setting, get the tools that are built Lansing tough.

That means something to the industries we serve – the railroad industry in particular is very demanding, and LFI began making custom tools for the railroad industry in the early eighties. Now, there are over 290 different items.

LFI also maintains membership in AREMA committee 5, which sets industry standards and specifications. LFI supplies non percussive tools for all track maintenance needs.

Railroad, marine, military and other heavy industries rely on tools that are built right – LFI has a long history of supplying proven, tough tools to these industries, and they stake their reputation on every tool that leaves the line in Lansing Michigan.

For Hammer Keys and Forging Tongs, check out the tools at LFI. They build the best – they build the toughest! For more information, please visit : http://www.lfitools.com/

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LFI has a long history of supplying proven, tough tools to these industries, and they stake their reputation on every tool that leaves the line in Lansing Michigan.

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