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Hertfordshire, London, UK, 15th February 2013 – For those looking for affordable SEO services in Hertfordshire, IT Freelancer can be the perfect choice. Unlike a fully fledged SEO business, IT Freelancer is a one man show run by Paul Tovey, who is a Freelance IT specialist which experience of over 6 years. Since Paul is an expert, he has managed to get1st page Google ranking for over 12 clients and offers his SEO Hertfordshire services that cater to small business SEO at just £100 per month.

Paul Tovey has a BSc (Honours) degree in Computer Science and started his Freelance business through Princess Trust to become an SEO expert. He offers affordable SEO services for small business and also offer Website Design, IT Support and PC repair services in the UK. “I believe that traditional marketing methods are now outdated and in fact, they are a waste of revenue. Today, every business, no matter how small, needs an online presence. It is the only way to reach out to more target clients, and the only reason small businesses don’t opt for an SEO package is that most of them are too expensive. I offer my services at affordable rates – I will look through the current website free of charge to find where the problem lies and how SEO tools can help, put together an action plan of exactly what we need to do, get the client’s approval and then start the work on a monthly basis”, says Paul.

This approach to make SEO more affordable for everyone is really appreciated by Paul’s clients. What makes his services even better is that at the end of every month, he sends his clients an in-depth report that proves how current Google ranking have improved after the SEO changes, and will chart the progress on a monthly basis for his clients to feel reassured. Also, he offers a complete analysis of the competitor’s SEO approach and compares it to the client’s business. By comparing their ranking, their keywords, their SEO strength and SEO progress, the client can then analyze if they want a similar approach as well, since the target clientele is the same and Paul will make that happen at affordable rates within the package.

When questioned how Paul offers such high professionally handled services at a far more affordable rate, he answered “I am a freelancer and not a business and that means I work from the comfort of my home with my own equipment and don’t need to charge overheads that will cover businesses office rent, expenses, staff costs or travel. My work is always up to date because this is not just a job for me, this is my passion and that is the reason why my work is of the same quality, if not better, than what an established SEO company could offer.”

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