Corporate Designed Laser Tag and Other Team Building Fun

Are you having problems planning your company’s Corporate Activity for the next team building or company picnic?

Laser Battle is a unique option that will make the job of searching easier and make you a hero to the boss and co-workers at the company’s corporate activity and/or team building/company picnic.

It’s tough to impress the boss and your co-workers with the same old corporate activities such as a drum circle, trust falls, egg toss, tug-a-war, kiddie laser tag, mechanical bull, bounce house and such.

It’s time to realize that you must evolve with the changes in entertainment and find vendors that have done the hard work for you. Using the same old typical novelty company or team building company does not cut it anymore. Tropical Extremes, Inc offer Laser Battle, a hybrid sport crossing laser tag and paintball, not your kiddies laser tag. Also, archery tag with Archery Battle and a target range with Archery Battle Target Range. Wild West theme with quick draw for those country style team building’s. Other teambuilding activities to chose from are Hydro Battle for the company picnics where getting wet is a must and Dart Battle for the little kids.

But don’t worry, this evolution in entertainment actually means that you can do less work and deal with less logistics if you know where to look. Extreme entertainment vendors that are doing it right will manage the activity for you and use entertainment staff that knows how to interact with the guest. We understand the dynamics and the need for excitement in team building games.

This is what you get with Tropical Extreme’s services: Laser Battle, Archery Battle Field, Archery Battle Target Range, Quick Draw, Hydro Battle, and Dart Battle.

On the College activity front, Tropical Extremes, Inc’s adult style laser tag games are a huge hit. More college event ideas would include Hydro Battle and Archery Battle. If you truly want fun college events that are unique and original than this is the way to go.

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