Clifton Dental Group Offers Great Deals On Tooth Whitening And More!

11th February 2013 – Clifton Dental Group is now offering their premier whitening special, normally $600 for only $250.00. This is a great deal for someone who has suddenly realized that their teeth are simply not as white and bright as they used to be. If you need a dentist in Clifton this is a great opportunity to save some money and go to the dentist.

Age comes up on us all, and even if we don’t smoke chances are we have other habits that can rob our teeth of their youthful brightness. The Clifton Dental Group offers ‘take home’ whitening systems, but the best and fastest way to let your teeth regain their youthful vitality is with the Zoom system. Not all New Jersey Cosmetic Dentistry offices use this treatment, but rely on inferior light activated systems.

This involves a short office procedure, about 45 minutes in the chair, but is clinically proven to whiten teeth eight shades on average. Zoom is one of the best products for getting real results quickly, and it lasts a lot longer than the light activated systems that are on the market today.

Clifton Dental Group offers any other dental service you may need as well – a great deal to take advantage of along with the Zoom teeth whitening is the new patient special, where you get an exam, a cleaning and x-rays for just $99.00.

How long has it been since your last exam? This $99.00 special will alert you to any potential trouble. No matter how rarely you really thought about the health of your teeth before, every day presents a new chance to take your teeth seriously.

Part of that is paying attention to them even when they are not giving you trouble. If you wait until you have pain or bleeding, there is something serious already going on.

The $99.00 checkup special will allow you to make sure everything is in tip top shape – obviously, if something has gone wrong it may cost more. The important thing is that you go to regular dental checkups, so that any problems can be nipped in the bud.

To help with this, the Clifton Dental Group is now also offering 15% off for the services listed below:

• Oral Cancer and TMJ Exams
• Prophylaxis
• Clinical Exams & Periodontal Exams
• Full Series X-rays

The Clifton Dental Group is dedicated to providing a full range of dental services at an affordable price, delivering the Clifton dental services residents need. No patient’s dental health state is the same, and each patient receives the same care and their own detailed plan to perfect dental health.

Some people seem blessed with dental health, but if you ask them it is probably because they go to a dentist regularly. No matter what your teeth are like, though, you will need a dentist. If you take measures, you can ensure that your treatment is not a reaction to disaster but a plan to avoid that disaster.

Regular checkups and visits to the dentist give a patient that power, and with the coupons and specials at the Clifton Dental Group, as well as the regular low price it makes it more affordable for more people.

Take the health of your teeth seriously – floss and brush daily, and see your dentist on a regular basis and you will be one of those people who have great teeth!

Clifton Dental is a fully qualified dentist that specializes in New Jersey Cosmetic Dentistry – for the best results for your teeth, set up an appointment now! Embedded data.

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