Approach Moving House Like a Military Campaign

It is well known that moving house is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. It is no doubt one of the biggest investments you can make, not just in financial terms but also emotionally. There is so much to organise and think about and unless everything is planned down to the last detail your move could end up costing you more than you thought.
And buying your second home can be an even bigger challenge as it usually means you are upgrading to a larger house and so the investment is likely to be bigger and the stress even more so.
Nothing should be left until the last minute as this just leads to even more stress and uncertainty. You should write lists as to what you need to do and who you need to contact. Put in the effort from an early stage and it will pay off with a much easier moving day.
Once you have agreed on your house purchase, you should look to get quotations from a number of removal companies. But remember that the cheapest is not necessarily always the best. Look for recommendations of other people, online reviews and see who friends and neighbours have used. Any removal firm should be fully insured and legal. Any reputable removal firm will come round to your house and assess exactly what furniture you have and the service you need. Timescales will also be discussed. If you do not receive such a visit before being asked to sign an agreement then go no further with this firm.
You should start having a clear out of rubbish and junk so you no longer need or want a long time before your actual removal date. Take any clothes you no longer wear to a charity shop, all those books you have read and will never open again can also go as can those CDs that have not come out of their cases for years.
Start the packing process several weeks before the big day as removal companies will not hang around waiting for you to wrap items and if packing things up is not in the contract, they will not do it for you.
Make sure you have a full inventory of what you have packed and into which box so when you arrive at your new home amongst a pile of boxes, you can easily find the kettle and a mug for that much needed cup of tea.
Ensure you have a clear idea of where you want larger items to go. The removal firm will not move your grand piano from room to room while you try and decide where it looks best,
On the big day you should ensure there is someone at the old house to supervise the loading of furniture and boxes and similarly someone should be at the new home to oversee unloading and unpacking. This might mean travelling between the two. There will no doubt be unforeseen questions and issues and someone needs to be there to deal with them.
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