Transcription Services to Convert Recorded Podcast, MP3, CD/DVD, DSS and Video Files at Lowest Rates

Whenever you search to convert your recorded podcast, MP3, CD/DVD, DSS and Video files into require formats then Outsourcing Transcription Services is perfect to suit your needs. India based Outsourcing Transcription Services is well known for to deliver cost effective and accurate transcription services to its clients at 60% low transcription rates with guaranteed accuracy of 99.99%.

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Outsourcing Transcription Services Company in India offering different transcripts accurately for:

• Transcribing cassettes, video and audio tapes, podcasts, CDs, DSS, MP3, WAV and various streaming media
• Transcribing smart phones, iPads and other mobile devices etc..
• Transcribing identification of speaker, indicates pauses, appropriate punctuation and reading clarity
• Transcribing word index, bound transcript, line and page numbering

With highly upgraded technologies and systems of flexibility, we have been delivering the transcribing services for all your podcast, MP3, CD/DVD, DSS and Video Files for a range of transcription requirements such as insurance, media, medical, legal, communications, construction, pharmaceutical, biotech, creative and academics.

Advantages provided on every transcription requirements to our world wide clients:

• 40-60% outsourcing cost
• Quickest turnaround time
• 98.99% guaranteed accuracy
• Transcription services
• Secure and safety on provided information
• Latest and advance transcription technology, software and tools
• 24/7 online support
• Flexible pricing on custom needs
• Free trial offer

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