SubmitEdge – Blogs that will Boost the Brand of a Company

Houston,TX – SubmitEdge offers a blog review service that is guaranteed to bring increased visibility to the website. There are many reasons why clients opt for this service. The blog reviews will bring direct visibility to the website from quality blogs. This service is one of the best marketing techniques that a business can use to promote its products and services. Getting reviewed by bloggers will improve the link popularity of the website that will subsequently improve the search engine rankings of the site. The blog review service offered by SubmitEdge is very affordable. The cost will fit into the budget of even small companies.

This service has some key features offered in it as part of the packages. There are three anchor texts per blog entry with the option of deep linking. The user can provide up to twenty five anchor texts so that each blog entry gives a different anchor link. The user will receive anywhere between five to one hundred and eighty blog reviews. The search engines are pinged once the blog submission is complete. All entries provide great value as far as search engine optimization is concerned. They are well suited for link building. The client will also get a detailed report once the reviews are done.

The client will get high quality blogs from the writers employed by SubmitEdge. A quality blog is determined by how well it is indexed in search engines. The Google page ranking of each blog could be anywhere from one to four. Each blog will be established for at least one year. The SEO service provider will make sure that none of the blogs will be stored on dropped domains or domains that have expired. The website of the client will get links from high quality blogs only. The website will also be provided with contextual backlinks from website reviews. This means that the website will get incoming links from prominent blogs each of which will be embedded in relevant written content.

The cheapest package offered to the clients of SubmitEdge is one where the client gets five blog reviews for fifty nine dollars. The duration of this project will last for ten days. The most expensive package is for one hundred and eighty reviews that are available for twelve hundred dollars. These blog review packages are one of the best ways for a company to get their website search engine optimized. Clients who want to know more can simply log on to Embedded data.

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