WebStun – Announcing Availability of Exclusive DNN Skins and Modules

4 February, 2013 – DotNetNuke (DNN) is one of the most popular Content Management Systems based on Microsoft Technologies. Several businesses are using this open source .Net based CMS for their web content management requirements. However, they always needed exclusive skins and web modules to enhance the functionality of their websites and web applications developed using DNN.

WebStun, a professional web design agency based in Sri Lanka recently announced availability of its exclusive work on DNN. The company is providing exclusively designs skins and functional DNN modules that can be integrated directly in any of the DNN based websites or web applications. WebStun has gained long term expertise in working over DNN and all other Microsoft technologies. Now the company is trying to maximize its reach out of the boundaries of its base.

Talking about this recent development company’s MD Prasad Maduranga said, “We have worked so hard on development of these DNN Skins and modules in recent past. The focus was on maximizing the visual appeal of the websites and enhancing its functionality focused on specific industry or customer’s requirements. Now is the time to show everyone what we have done so far and extend our expertise to all those who need it.”

Prasad further added, “We are equally competent in design, development and consulting for any type of scale of web applications, but this is not the time to flaunt those skills. We are willing to focus on one thing at a time and trying to build a base among customers looking for exclusive help in DNN based requirements and functionalities.”

Author Info – The author is associated with WebStun, a professional web design agency based in Sri Lanka. The company provides one stop solutions to all IT needs and considered as a pioneer in DNN based services.

Contact Info –
Phone: +94773864325
Fax: +94773864325
Email: inquiry@webstun.com

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