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GEORGIA, 6th February: Dr. Quincy L Warner is a name to reckon with. She has experience dealing with every kind of patient. That is what makes her the most recommended professional life coach. As she has been an active force in devising tools and techniques to tackle relationship problems, she has rendered her services as a life coach and a certified pastoral counselor in many parts of the country.

Right from the very beginning of her career, Dr. Warner has researched subjects related to mental health. Her study and depth of research make her services very result oriented. Relationship counseling more often than not ends up as an effort in vain because people don’t react to change very well. Dr. Warner follows a different approach as she helps her patients first understand the root of the problem and the factors that led to it. She also encourages her patients to discover their abilities to handle the problem.

All these steps in the process create an environment where the patient clearly sees where he and his partner are coming from and this in turn gives both the parties an opportunity to adapt to the change required of them. Dr. Warner and her services as a professional life coach have helped many couples both young and old to deal with the most stressful relationship decisions and come out of the process successful and peaceful.

Her services as a certified pastoral counselor have helped her combine the principles of religion and relationship and make the connection apparent to her patients. Dr. Warner is also part of the Break-thru Counseling and Consulting PC. Her organization is responsible for relationship counseling for a wide range of people seeking professional help. The website is a good place to find a marriage therapist too. Everybody who is a part of this organization has one thing very clear in their mind which is to help patients get through their troubles with minimum stress and an open mind to accept change.

Dr. Warner and her team is always on the forefront of rendering professional services that cater to a wide variety of needs and help couples and individuals invest in their relationships to get happiness out of the experience. To know more and also to find a marriage therapist log onto http://www.bthru.com/

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