Effective Multi-specialty Approach to Pain Management at HealthQuest

A leading multi-specialty health care center, HealthQuest offers quality pain management programs for patients in and around Brooklyn, NYC.

Brooklyn, New York City: HealthQuest, the prestigious health care center follows a multi-specialty approach to the diagnosis and management of pain. This pain management center provides customized solutions for back pain management as well as various conditions such as neck pain, headache, post-trauma pain, spinal stenosis, myofascial pain, and more.

Effective pain management treatment addresses both the sensory and emotional components of pain. HealthQuest provides ideal treatment options for both acute and chronic pain. The emotional components of pain are treated with effective cognitive and behavioral therapies, while the sensory component of pain are treated with chiropractic and physical therapies, medications, trigger point and epidural injections, and advanced interventional therapies. The chronic pain treatments provided here are proven safe and effective through years of clinical application.

Treatments are prescribed only after a thorough evaluation of the patient and proper diagnosis. X-rays and MRI may be recommended to analyze the root causes of the pain. Treatment modalities used in advanced pain management program at this multi-specialty healthcare center include

• Ice/heat applications
• Physical therapy
• Injections
• Chiropractic
• Radio frequency radio ablation
• Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
• Prolotherapy
• Spinal decompression

The capable team of professionals at this pain management center includes experienced physical therapists, pain management doctors, chiropractors, neurologists, clinical psychologists and physical therapists. Holistic treatment programs are created to suit each patient’s needs. Regular outcome studies are conducted to monitor progress in the patient’s condition and modify treatments accordingly.

Patients experiencing chronic and debilitating back pain due to accidents, sports related knee injuries, slips and falls can get effective treatment here. The systematic treatment regimen allows them to get relief and regain their mobility and level of functioning quickly. Prime consideration is given patient safety while providing pain management solutions.

HealthQuest accept all major medical insurance plans such as Medicare, Worker’s Compensation and No-fault.

About HealthQuest

Located in Brooklyn, HealthQuest offers wide range of health care services that improve the quality of life. The team of healthcare professionals has a unique approach to treatment that allows patients to return quickly to a pain-free lifestyle.
More details are available at www.hqbk.com

Contact Information
3500 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Ph: (718) 769-2521
Email: info@hqbk.com

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